Stars on My Birthday

Our ages increase steadily every year and every year we celebrate our birthdays in any ways mostly by giving a party with a birthday cake for a birthday, and there will be gifts and many people saying congratulation. Anyway, have we ever thought that actually a birthday should not be made identical with a party and such those things? Otherwise, we should both reflect upon ourselves and introspect ourselves. Realizing that we become older and older, and also the responsibilities that we have. We are going to face a more complicated life with it’s own problems namely friendship, study, work, etc.
When we were children, we used to fill our activities by playing and playing. One night when I was sitting on my mother’s lap, I paid attention to the stars from the terrace of my house. It was a very fine night decorated with the moon surrounded with the light of the stars. At the time, I asked my mother, “Mom… can those stars fall down? If can, I would like to catch and make them as decorations in y room.” Smiling, my mother gave her answer, “Yes, of course” then I asked her again, “How many stars are there on the sky?” My mother gave her answer, They are so many and we are not able to count them.” I was so curious with her answer and I keep asking, “Mom…by the sophisticated technology that we have, why aren’t we able to count them, and why don’t we use a calculator to count them?”. My mother answered, “Honey, it just remains unable, that is out of our authority as human beings”. Then I talk to her, “Mom, when I am a woman I want to be an astronaut, I want to go the moon and after being there, I will buy a lot of gifts and I will not forget to take a star for you.” My mother said, “Honey, there is no life on the moon as we have on earth and you will not find even a souvenir seller as you see in tourism places and you will not be able to take a single star as well because actually a star is very big unlike what we see from here. A star is seen very small from earth because of it’s distant distance from earth. Suddenly, when I was belonging at the sky I saw a comet falling down and I said, “Mom… look t that star!” and my mother sais, “Close your eyes and make a wish as you usually do before blowing candles on your birthday, then you wish will come true but the main thing that you must do is PRAYING TO GOD diligently. Keep trying and don’t give up.”
Special for my mother … I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
Jakarta, RedZone, 020210_05:50
Happy Birthday!!!
I will be the STAR for everyone… be inspiring others!!!
Aisya Avicenna

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Aisya Avicenna

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